Wale appeared on stage with SZA at the Trillectro Music Festival, and to put it mildly: the DMV rapper caught a whiff of her chemical signal. Wale beat everyone to the punch regarding his budding one-way romantic stream. 


Before taking the stage with her, Wale sang her praises on Twitter. He labeled her one of “his favorite writers” and urged her to workshop one of his old songs.


But after taking the stage, the conversation became less about their shared métier and more about his budding feelings.


They had performed a mash-up of her “The Weekend” remix which included his abridged verse, later commenting on his apparent his googly-eye focus in the moment: “U can literally see the ‘ruin my life’ in my eyes. Wow,” he tweeted.



Poor guy. Wale should have taken a page from all the guys she gassed on her last album. In the advent of their performance together, SZA woke up the next day asking her Twitter friends in Maryland to help her locate a good place to eat pasta in the area, but no mention of Wale at all.


The timeline of her post coincides with a spree of Tweets where he appears to profess his infatuation with the singer, in so many characters.


That didn’t stop the Internet community from rallying behind Wale, the resounding majority on Twitter creating a wave of support that he seems to have profited from. So far, Wale has handled his crush like a true gentleman, but that might be due to SZA’s history of curving unwanted suitors. 



“Young hearts run free, even old ones too.” 



Let’s hope for the best.