Just when you thought you had seen it all, this happens. Lil Tay, the foul-mouthed 9-year old Instagram celebrity who recently got exposed for fake stunting with her mother & brother, was spotted hanging out with Rick Rubin on Wednesday. No joke.

Lil Tay shared the clip of her & Rubin together on her IG story Wednesday afternoon, saying “whats up? I’m with the legend Rick Rubin,” before Rubin hilariously replied “what’s up what’s up.”

As for why the two were hanging out is anyone’s guess, but it could be to work on new music. Lil Tay is trying to get her feet wet in the music world, having shared the song “Money Way,” but there’s apparently more on the way.

It’s unknown at the moment on where Tay and Rubin were exactly, but Rick Rubin had been out in Wyoming the past few days working with Kanye West on his forthcoming album, that’s dropping tomorrow night. So people were freaking out on Twitter that Lil Tay could be out in Wyoming working on new music, but that’s a pretty wild speculation. My guess was they were in Los Angeles, where Tay has been living lately, but who knows. Regardless, it’s still a pretty crazy look either way.

Check out the photos & clip of the two (below) and sound off in the comments. Are you over Lil Tay or nah?


Lil Tay x Rick Rubin

Lil Tay Spotted Hanging Out With Rick Rubin