The victim who decided against pressing charges after suffering a beat down from Younes Bendjima over 24 hours ago, is promising legal action. The victim, Bennett Sipes, has recruited an legal team in the hopes of filing a lawsuit against Drake and Odell Beckham Jr, whom he deems responsible for the attack. Apparently Odell was posted up in the VIP section of the club with the Sipes girlfriend, famed Instagram vixen Sommer Ray.

Sipes was present inside the club, but was reportedly there in the capacity of a patron and not as a “doorman” as previously suspected. According to Sipes’s lawyer Colin Jones, towards the end of the night, Sipes approached Odell Beckham Jr. over his overt flirtations with Sommer Ray, to which the NFL star was none too happy to make his acquaintance.

As the group exited the building something was said in parting, that much is certain. Sipes and Colin Jones are publicly stating that the second man who held him down during the attack, was in fact a member of Drake & Odell Beckham Jr’s security cordon. For that reason, and that reason alone, Sipes hopes to receive repentance. Jones says his client is currently undergoing physical therapy for the attack that occurred in March of this year.

Sommer Ray: at the center of it all unwittingly.