These days one of the most frequent complaints about rap music is that everyone sounds the same. That a lot of the music making waves on the radio and playlists has no heart, and that everyone is churning music out in a never ending cycle. One thing that has contributed even further to this way of thinking is the boom of the collaboration album, which has made rappers often seem like they don’t care about their music, instead opting for the quick money grab. These collaborations are often recorded over a couple of days and admittedly do sound like that is true. The honest truth is that most rappers find a formula that works and stick with it. Why? Because it’s a business as well. But, there is no point in complaining, because if you are in fact looking for rappers who are making music that is truly different, or venturing into unheard of territory and creating new lanes entirely, it is there, you just have to search for it.  

On platforms such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Youtube there are tons of rappers sprouting up with new ideas and directions for rap music. Some take from other genres and some use unique flows and voices to bend the genre in ways that purists may be hesitant to accept. However, every genre needs those artists who break the rules and explore new sounds and elements, even if it means the genre they love rejects them momentarily (they'll come around). Being a rapper that doesn’t sound like anybody else is an accomplishment in its own right, and making good music on top of that is even more special and should be appreciated.