There are few quartets in today's rap landscape with more potential than Divine Council, comprised of $ilkMoney, Lord Linco, Cyrax!, and ICYTWAT. None of them are of drinking age, but they've already earned a deal with L.A. Reid's Epic Records, a co-sign from Erykah Badu, and a collaboration with Andre 3000.  "[We are] masters of our own destiny," says Lord Linco. "Everything we speak comes into existence."

In a new interview with HNHH, Divine Council explains how they met each other, their unique "audio pastel" concept, why they idolize Jodeci, and how they maintain their bond.

"Fuck shit is the glue that keeps Divine Council together," says Linco. "And getting high."

"It's crazy too," $ilkmoney adds, "because if you were to just pop on us, we look boring as fuck. We look boring as shit. We just be on the couch, we just be smoking, we just be all in our own worlds. We'll just be chilling. But it gets wild."

ICYTWAT spoke of a "bigger purpose" that keeps the group with its eye on the prize amidst a cloud of reefer smoke. "Divine Council doesn't belong to us," $ilkMoney says. "It belongs to the world and the people." 

Watch the full interview above.