Sometimes, a celebrity will just about surprise everybody with their impressive physique and the lengths at which they’re willing to sacrifice to get there. A few weeks ago, we detailed Mark Wahlberg’s outrageous daily routine, which includes waking up at 2:30 AM and spending time in cryotherapy. Britney Spears is not that extreme (from what we know) but she’s clearly been putting in work on her body, making sure that she’s always ready to go when she books a performance. As one of the world’s renowned pop stars, Spears puts in work on stage with extensive choreography routines so she needs to always be in shape. She shared some footage from a long workout and it’s clear that she’s perfectly ready to go at the moment.

While she may not be as prominent in the music world as she was years ago, Britney Spears is still a name that just about everybody recognizes. The star is preparing for her new Las Vegas residency, which is set to begin next year, and she’s definitely in shape for it. She shared a video of herself working out with a jump rope and doing knee raises while wearing a crop top and Britney is seriously ripped. Her stomach is perfectly toned, enough to make just about anybody jealous. Keep in mind this woman is a mother of 2 and she looks this good.

See for yourself in the video below.