Nicki Minaj and Serena Williams met up in New York Wednesday and thought it was only right to pose for a Queen photo, or in this case, Instagram’s looping Boomerang feature. Both Nicki and Serena posted a short clip of their meeting on Instagram, though it’s not clear exactly why they crossed paths.

“Queen + Queen = Royal. Me and @nickiminaj having fun with boomerang. Wearing the royal hoodie by @Serena,” Williams wrote on Instagram.Meanwhile Nicki chose a quote from her iconic “Monster” verse to describe the encounter: “You could be the KING but watch the QUEENS CONQUERRRRRR!!!!!!!!” She then described Williams as the GOAT. The Tennis star has a pop-up shop for her clothing line in NY this weekend. Perhaps Nicki will also have some involvement in the event?

A photo of Williams doing some promo shots in a crown made its way online recently, so we could very well see a cross-promotional effort from the two.

Nicki, of course, has been all over the news this week, primarily due to her accusations that Travis Scott’s Astroworld should not have topped her own Queen album on the Billboard 200 due to what she has deemed unfair sales tactics.