Casanova has been flip-flopping back and forth over the past week about an incident in a New York City diner involving a phone theft and a chokehold. The victim, Niya Rucker, claimed that she pulled out her phone to film her food at The Good Stuff Diner on West 14th Street at 4:40am on August 6th. According to her Casanova and his crew misunderstood the gesture, thinking that she was actually filming them without their consent.

Casanova doesn’t take kindly to being filmed apparently, so he took the phone from her and another guy, acting according to Casanova’s wishes, put her in a chokehold. Rucker posted an Instagram story of her bloodied face and appeared in an interview with New York’s Pix11 where she levelled the accusations. 

The accusations were categorically denied by Casanova’s lawyer but then, only days later, the rapper turned himself in whereupon he was charged with assault. Just about as soon as that happened 50 Cent took to Instagram to deny the accusations. After all this back-and-forth we’ve finally been given a definitive video of the assault taking place. Originally reported on ABC7 NY, the video shows Casanova walking away as another man, presumably his friend, holds Rucker by the neck. Watch below: