A woman has stepped forward claiming Casanova and his crew brutally assaulted her once they caught wind of her supposed voyeuristic tendencies. The alleged victim Niya Rucker, says The Good Stuff Diner on West 14th Street at 4:40am on August 6 when the attack occurred. Rucker alleges that she was pulling out her phone to document her scrumptious meal when they suspected her of filming them without consent. Casanova & his crew were seated adjacent to the woman whose phone screen was undeniably set for a live recording. They suspected foul play, she says the live broadcast was being executed in the spirit of foodie culture.

Rucker spoke to New York's Pix11 about the altercation, in a video interview complete with detailed account of Casanova's role in the attack. The alleged victim then broke out into tears as she described the psychological damage suffered since the reported incident. She then showed the correspondent messages from Casanova demanding she refrain from reporting the attack. Rucker says that Casanova restricted her arm and was the one to delete the live broadcast from her phone. She identified the rapper by his signature 2x chain.

Casanova has not addressed the incident publicly. NYPD are quietly busy investigating the case.