Angela Bassett doesn’t look a day over forty. The actress has been working in the entertainment industry for over thirty years at this point and has delivered numerous memorable roles. Today, Bassett turns 60 years old and to celebrate, she took to Twitter to share jaw-dropping photo of herself in a bikini.

Angela Bassett wow’d everyone today when she shared a stunning photo of herself in a bikini to celebrate her 60th birthday on Twitter. The actress is seen rocking a colorful bikini while showing off her toned abs and arms. 

“Happy Birthday to all my Leo brothers and sisters. Let’s eat cake!” She wrote.

It’s not often you see someone her age have a body like that and clearly, she works at it. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2016, she opened up about she keeps herself fit.

“Last year, I started doing TRX training with Rob Thompson of Get Fit By Rob,” she revealed. “We start with low cardio — maybe run half a mile, then lift barbells while stepping up onto a bench and do a few machines… He gives me food goals that I plug into MyFitnessPal app.”

At 60 years old, she’s undoubtedly aged gracefully. However, she also revealed that she doesn’t believe that beauty is simply defined by how someone looks.

“Real joy and peace from the inside. I think that’s what’s meant by aging gracefully,” she said.