Just yesterday, Teyana Taylor dropped out of her and Jeremih’s “Later That Night” tour claiming how she was mistreated, calling Jeremih “lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving, selfish” and a “lame ass n****.” Amid all the drama, Teyana finally decided to go on her own tour and has updated the tour stops to still cater to fans who purchased tickets. 

Usually, there are two sides to a story but this drama has three sides since Jeremih’s assistant hopped online, portraying Teyana as the real diva who complained and blamed any and all problems on everyone around her. 

“Crazy @teyanataylor ruined Jeremih’s backdrop on the first day of tour in Atlanta and we let that slide,” he wrote, as seen in the post below. “That was the first day. She complained about food, we fed em out our own pockets. Next show she tells the crowd to leave the venue to go to her meet and greet after she gets off stage (leave before Jeremih performs), we aint trip. Now she blaming J for X, Y, Z and the shit jus aint true!”

Adam explains how the whole ‘water on the stage thing’ wasn’t true and he questions how they are getting the blame since they weren’t in the building yet. Read the full post below, and tell us what you think in the comment section.