The Association of Black Sociologists held its annual conference last week and one of the panel discussions was surrounded around miss Cardi B. According to XXL, the discussion was dubbed “Invasion of Privacy: The Sociology of Cardi B” and heard five speakers talk about Cardi’s blackness, the way she’s portrayed in the media, having a child with Offset and more. 

“When I teach, I use a lot of Cardi B examples because she crosses over into a lot of communities,” Moderator Candice C. Robinson told The Philadelphia Inquirer. Candice also explained during the panel how the “I Like It” rapper is a great example when discussing race, gender, media, politics and more. 

Aaryn Green called Cardi a positive role model for young women dealing with racial and social issues in the U.S .“These are the girls who taught me how to navigate the matrices of oppression,” Aaryn added. “Teaching me how, as a black girl and a black woman, to avoid these pitfalls.”

Unfortunately, the discussion and papers from the five panellist who spoke about the rapper have not been released to the public, but you can bet once we get our hands on them we’ll update you guys – keep it locked.