Not long after both Offset and Wale found themselves in a pair near-miss automobile accidents, Meek Mill managed to avoid what might have been the most devastating one thus far. SOHH caught Meek’s recent Instagram story, which seemed to elaborate on the potentially catastrophic situation. As you can see, something is clearly wrong with this picture. 

Namely, the truck driving head-first into oncoming traffic, like a renegade GTA player looking to live out his most memorable digital joyrides. Luckily, I only jest as nobody ended up hurt. Perhaps that is indeed a miracle, given the potential for catastrophe. As you can see, two vehicles are baring down on one another like an inadvertent game of chicken. As Meek confirms in the caption, “Close Call,” implying that all involved parties managed to get off rectify the situation.  

It’s certainly lucky for Meek, who might have been caught in the fallout of a potential collision. It would be certainly twisted in a cosmic sense if Meek were to fall in an automobile accident, especially so close to his heated fight for freedom. The game needs him right now. Perhaps he’s got somebody looking out for him. Drive safe Meek, drive safe.