Kim Kardashian caused an uproar online after posting a picture of herself in a tiny bikini. Her following post is a complete switch up: a retro photograph of the reality television star as a teenager.

The picture shows Kardashian mean-mugging ever so slightly while sitting in a vehicle. She leans over with her elbows resting on her knees to serve some teenage attitude.

“The 90’s . Just me and my pager 📟 sitting in our parents car acting like we could drive. I was 13. We might have snuck out and taken it for a spin”

According to the comments section, her fans are in awe of her youthful beauty, commenting on her “cute face” and pointing out how she was just as “pretty” back then. Her face was quite symmetrical indeed.

This photo leads to the question of plastic surgery. Nick Cannon had commented on how he had dated the social media star before she went under the knife. In his opinion, she never needed to visit the surgeon.

“Her body is crazy and always been that way since she was, you know, a young girl. I remember she didn’t like her nose and I’m like, ‘Yo, you’re beautiful.’ But they grew up in Beverly Hills where kids were having plastic surgery before their facial features even developed.”