Days after dragging Tekashi 6ix9ine’s mother into the mix, Trippie Redd does the same, albeit on friendlier terms. Trippie jumped on IG live to shoot the shit, with several members of his coterie in the background. His girlfriend Angvish was first to make an appearance during the live session, hogging the camera for what seemed like minutes . When the conversation started to shift towards his bragging rights, he called upon his mother to set the record straight. Not only did she confirm her son had purchased her a house, but she also bragged about the $50 thousand in cash Trippie gave her as a Mother’s Day gift. Trippie retook camera view, stating “I bought her a crib before I bought my own.”

People will find something to pick apart in his statement, whether it’s jealousy or a general distaste for ostentatious behaviour. Whatever the case, Trippie Redd has done good by his mother, as evidenced by their closeness. His mother raised him as a single parent for much of his life, his father regrettably in prison at the time of his birth. These sentiments have no bearing on words he directed at 6ix9ine. It’s easy to make a mockery of someone’s else family, and not make a personal connection in doing so. Cuts run deep.

His mother’s appearance begins at the 6-minute mark.