Chance the Rapper has given back to his home city Chicago in a number of ways and today he’s asking for help in supporting a student-led protest. Students from the South and West Sides of Chicago held a sit-in at City Hall today to show there displease in the city’s plan to build a new police academy.

Tombstones with names of children who died from police shootings were put in the building as well as names of mental health clinics and other services the city has shut down. 

The students argue that the $95 million used for the upcoming police academy should instead be invested in the community that needs it most.  

“Students in Chicago are staging a SIT IN at City Hall right now,” Chance tweeted, along with the location. “I ask that you stop by and show them that you are in SUPPORT of their REVOLUTION. Bring food if you can, these children are fighting for our future kids as well as themselves.”