The Marvel cinematic universe, or the MCU, is the biggest movie franchise ever. It’s made 13.5 billion dollars worldwide and counting in the ten years since its inception, not to mention releasing some actually good superhero movies. To celebrate their spot at the top (and to cement it further by selling more tickets), Marvel is re-releasing all the movies from the universe in a mini-film festival called the “Marvel Studios Tenth Anniversary Film Festival” in partnership with IMAX. 

Watching the trailer for the weeklong event, it becomes clear that it’s as much about IMAX as it is about Marvel. In the video, actors, directors and writers from many of the Marvel movies talk about how much they love IMAX and how their movies look better in IMAX. Some of them, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger and Iron Man, will be shown in IMAX for the first time. All of the movies will be screened exclusively in IMAX. 

Fans will also be able to vote for their two favourites of the movies to close out the festival on its final day. Voting is open now until Septemeber 6th on IMAX’s tweet:

Watch the trailer for the big event below: