Hell hath no fury like a Lupe scorned. Earlier today, a report from Business Insider indicated that artists were raking in a meagre twelve percent of total revenues, a troublesome revelation to be sure. It certainly paints an unflattering picture of business types lobotomizing creative types, dipping proboscises into their psyches and fattening up for the winter. The sad reality is, musicians rake in the bulk of their bank from touring, as streaming services aren’t necessarily diving the pie in an appropriate manner. Now, Spotify has found itself on the receiving end of a veritable ten-hit combo, delivered by none other than combat aficionado Lupe Fiasco.

Luckily, it’s not strictly vitriolic, as Lupe imbues his rant with several pearls of wisdom, no doubt gleaned from experience. “Spotify is not your friend. They are just a necessary evil,” he writes. “Fight a little harder when your manager or lawyer tries to peer pressure you into accepting shit that feels wrong in your soul.” He proceeds to put the powers that be on blast, writing “these dirty motherfuckers won’t change the behavior that got them where they are. They fuck with you now because you are on trend and fashionable once that #WAVE dies and the new hot young blood comes through the door your ass will be forgotten about and marginalized ESPECIALLY if you had little to nothing to do with the music you make!”

Peep his complete message below. Perhaps artists should take a look at this, and take Fiasco’s wisdom to heart.