Logic Was “F***ing With Everybody” When He Threatened Retirement

Logic explains his motives behind lying to our faces.

BYDevin Ch
Logic Was “F***ing With Everybody” When He Threatened Retirement

Logic dropped in at Real 92.3 in Los Angeles to speak with host Big Boy on a range of issues including his Rapture special, mental health, and his post-breakup workout regimen. Most of all, Logic admitted that he enjoyed playing bandulo on our minds back in May of last year. His insistence that Ultra 85 was part of cunning strategy to deceive our minds.

Somewhere along the timeline, Logic declared Ultra 85 to be his last and he sold that lie for the good portion of a year. In an interview with Genius, he spelled out as if he'd given it his all in a short span, as far as conventional wisdom can take an artist on his two front legs. His words: "I gave Everybody my whole life and this was the album that I’m supposed to make it. I’m not getting into it. I haven’t even begun to get into that world but that’s just going to be the celebration. That’s going to be the last one." 

At the 40:10 mark of the video below, Logic admits "Nah I was just fucking with everybody." Logic then admitted to removing himself from the situation only to watch frustrated fans attempt to decode the meaning behind his words from a distance. I'll leave the psychoanalysis to our faithful readers.

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