Admittedly, we fell off. The last time we did this little feature was in December, however, we’re here with a triumphant return of not just three, but four new artists you should hear. Shout out everyone who submitted to our Soundcloud, ultimately the top pick from all our Soundcloud submissions was Dan CHAPPLINNN — more on him, and how this all works, below.

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We’ve always made a conscious effort to mine for, and introduce, new and undiscovered talent to the site. Without getting into the specifics (*eye roll emoji*), as a user, you’ll likely know of a particular artist that you first encountered here on the HNHH pages. With that being said, we’re continuing that effort with what should be a weekly feature (assuming we don’t fall off again, because, life) that spotlights our favourite staff and user-submitted tracks, following our team’s A&R meeting. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works.

  • Every week, each of our staff members submits a song from an artist we’ve never yet (or else, ~barely ever~) posted on HNHH (so get your song into the hands of a staff member, and wow them with your musical prowess, hint hint) 
  • The song does not need to be new, in fact, most of the time, it’s an older record
  • This can include music videos
  • We listen to all the submissions as a team (weekly) 
  • Each staff member votes on their top three favorite submissions out of that week’s batch of submissions 
  • We cull the votes, and feature the top 3 (or in this week’s case, 4) on the website, in a handy article like this
  • In an effort to include direct user/fan-submitted music as well, we’ll be going through our Soundcloud messages and picking out the best submissions we find there, to include in our meeting each week (please send us your most fire submissions, it can be your song or someone else’s). You can expect to see a tweet from our twitter, like this one here, whenever we’re going through submissions. 

Now that you have the breakdown, take a look at this week’s four new artist discoveries– we’ve included some basic info on each as well. This week all four artists are rappers, none of whom have been featured on the site before. Three of these were staff submitted, while one came from our Soundcloud submissions.

Vote on your favorite out of the top four picks this week below, we want to know what you think!!


Artist: Roney *Staff Submission*

Song: “Dennis Rodman”

Location: Toronto, Canada

Sounds: Gangster rap meets Toronto meets Ragga meets Grime  

Discover more music: Roney’s Soundcloud

Posted before: No


Artist: Dan CHAPPLINNN *Soundcloud Submission*

Song: “8/29”

Location: New Jersey

Sounds: Gritty, vintage

Discover more music: Dan CHAPPLINNN’s Soundcloud

Posted before: No


Artist: Big Baby Scumbag *Staff Submission*

Song: “Hammer Time”

Location: Tampa, Florida

Sounds: Playful, Internet-inspired

Discover more music: Big Baby Scumbag’s Soundcloud

Posted before: No


Artist: Courtney Bell *Staff Submission*

Song: “Pressure”

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Sounds: Lyrical, serious

Discover more music: Courtney Bell’s YouTube channel

Posted before: No