50 Cent has been getting clowned online since linking up with Tekashi 6ix9ine. The announcement of their collaboration prompted parts of Fifty’s following to question the rap veteran’s credibility. Others kept it light and reacted with humor.

A photoshopped picture of 50 Cent surfaced online last week. The rapper popped off on his Instagram when he got hold of the image. This week, the upsetting picture has been made into a mural. The painted wall seems to have been erected by a social media user named @lushsux. 


The artist posted the reference photo online only 5 days ago with a caption that simply asked, “wall?” Apparently, it took him less than a week to spot his location, get the job done and enrage/discourage 50 Cent. 

The rapper shared a video clip of the image with a caption that expresses his current feelings towards this chapter of trolling. And this time, he remembered to add his slogan into the mix.

“man of all the sh*t you could have painted on the wall, you paint this sh*t. What the fuck you nigg*s play too much 😡get the strap. #lecheminduroi”


Both 50 Cent and Tekashi are known on social media for their trolling skills. We’ll see if @lushsux earned himself a rebuttal with this work of art. The mural artist already has his own plans.

“15000 comments and I’ll paint on @50cent’s face a very full rainbow unibrow.”