50 Cent is known on social media as a masterful troll. He serves up the most hilarious disses, along with witty captions that often end with his tagline, "get the strap." The rapper recently got served in kind. A picture of the "In Da Club" rapper was photoshopped with Tekashi 6ix9ine's defining features. 

Fifty was not feeling his transformation. His new look included long rainbow hair and colorful grills to match. Whoever edited the photo also made sure that the younger rapper's iconic "69" tattoo was remixed when placed on 50 Cent. The rap veteran is illustrated with ink marking his forehead with the number "59" instead.

The photo in question was reposted by the rapper. His caption reflects some upset. He wishes death upon the internet trolls and was so shook, he seems to have forgotten to end the caption with his slogan. 

"Who did this [...] I want you nigg*s on the internet dead. F*ck everybody laughing at this sh*t. 😡"

Then again, including "get the strap" would probably backfire. The most probable reason for this photoshop job is 50 Cent's collaboration with Tekashi 69 along with a couple of other New York natives. The song is entitled "Get The Strap," thus rendering his usual signature void in this case.