Over the past week, there’s been some major revelations in C-Murder’s case. Last week, one of the key witnesses in the trial recanted his testimony and revealed that detectives and prosecutors threatened to filed criminal charges from another matter if he doesn’t make false statements. Shortly after, another key witness also recanted his testimony. C-Murder’s lawyer filed documents to have the conviction overturned. Yesterday, Master P held a rally calling for his brother’s freedom.

Master P hosted a rally calling for C-Murder’s freedom on the Xavier University campus yesterday following a charity celebrity basketball event. The No Limit CEO said that P is currently in good spirits and continued to call for Murder’s release from prison.

“Corey got his head up. He’s in good spirits. It’s time for him to come home an innocent man.” He said, “They have no more witnesses. They already came and recanted their statements.”

Those in attendance were began chanting “Free Corey Miller” during the rally. Master P also brought out C-Murder’s lawyer out to speak.

“You know, it’s pretty neat to see all the support because you know, I’ve met with the D.A. a couple times already, I’m getting into conversations going and a lot of the times, you feel like you’re fighting against the world.” He said, “Justice needs to be served for the family of that victim but an innocent man in jail for something he didn’t do is no justice.”

Master P also shared some final words and reiterated that this isn’t just about C-Murder but about all innocent people that are behind bars.

“Corey told me, he say, ‘If somebody committed a crime, they should be incarcerated.’ I mean, he’s a tough guy, he’s not perfect.” P said. “But he told me, he said, ‘Big brother, I know I made a lot of mistakes. I named myself what I named myself. I’ve been convicted for my music but you know what? That can’t stop an innocent man and music is not a crime and naming yourself something is not a crime.’ Evidence shows that he is innocent. We can’t wait to get him home. We love y’all. “

Peep the full clip below.