We don’t know if this was intentional from the artists involved but it’s pretty ironic that every single rapper featured on this track has a dollar sign in their name. Two of A$AP Mob’s most underutilized creators have been going in this year as Ant and Twelvyy have dropped a sufficient amount of music in the last few months. Just when you think they may be taking a break, the two are back over production by AR and Twelvyy himself for a track featuring K$upreme and Da$h. 

Each member of the crew has had a decent year as K-Preme is coming off the release of his new project. A$AP Ant and Twelvyy are bound to keep doing their thing as they have proven to be addicted to the studio.

Quotable Lyrics:

Wildin’ out just like Republican
Bringing new duffels in
Told you don’t fuck with him