If you’re a fan of Tory Lanez, then you probably know the Toronto crooner puts on one hell of a show. Known for his tireless energy and crowd surfing antics, Tory likes to take time out his show and literally walk across the hands of the crowd, as if he were “crowd walking.” It’s usually a big hit at his shows, and one where fans can get up close to the Memories Don’t Die artist and touch him. However, it looks like someone might’ve taking things a bit too far recently in his hometown of Toronto as footage surfaced Wednesday night of Tory throwing haymakers at what appears to be a fan in the crowd.

Surfacing via TheShadeRoom, the clip shows Tory, who looks to be in the crowd, lunging at a particular person and punching him as hard as he could. We’re talking haymakers, but that’s all we see. The clip abruptly ends before we can see anything else.

There’s no known reason yet as for what triggered Tory to get so heated, but whatever it was it set him OFF. Now the show was in his hometown of Toronto, so maybe there was some local tension or beef in attendance or maybe an overexcited fan got too inappropriate with their hands, but man whatever it was it pissed off Tory. 

Check out the clip (below) and sound off in the comments. We’ll keep you posted once more footage or info on the story surfaces.

Edit: Another angle of the punching incident has surfaced, and again it shows him just wildin’ out on a fan out of nowhere (see below).



Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Attacks A Person In The Crowd At His Toronto Show