Chance The Rapper’s come a long way since he introduced to himself to the masses with Acid Rap. Since then, he became a father of an adorable daughter with his longtime girlfriend, Kirsten Corley. Today, his brother Taylor Bennett hit Instagram to revealed that Chance The Rapper and Kirsten are now engaged.

Earlier today, Chance The Rapper proposed to his long-time girlfriend and the mother of his child, Kirsten Corley. Taylor Bennett confirmed the news on Instagram after footage surfaced of Chance proposing to Kirsten. After popping the question, Chance, Kirsten and their daughter, Kensli hugged each other, although Kensli didn’t seem to know exactly what was going on at that time. It’s definitely a beautiful moment for Chance and his family and makes 4th Of July even more special for them. Kirsten and Chance The Rapper have reportedly been dating since 2013 and had their daughter in 2015.

Aside from his engagement, Chance has had a lot of things on his plate. Last week, the rapper revealed that he will be working on a seven track project entirely produced by Kanye West which many people began speculating last month. In addition, he also said that he’s working on a new project with Childish Gambino.

Big congratulations goes to Chance The Rapper and Kirsten Corley and their family!