I’m a big fan of the lethargic rap performance, if done to perfection. In my mind, Valee may be the perfect example of its proper execution. His latest music video for “Loading” sees him doing just that, with a facial expression and body language to match his torpid state. What makes his appearance even more striking is the locale he chose to pick up the slack, a wooded area with very few signs of human habitation.

The song and video have a combined soothing effect on the senses. The release of “Loading” coincides with him teasing a 2nd release under G.O.O.D. Music in a responsive Tweet in which he stated “I kno. I’m bout to just drop one for the hell of it,” to an inquisitive fan. To top it all off, Valee will be the opener during Pusha T’s late summer tour of the middle states. 

Check out the A Zae production and do share your comments below.