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  • Cover of Chance The Rapper Says Frank Ocean, Andre 3000 & J. Cole Are On His Debut Album
    Chance The Rapper's gotten himself some pretty famous fans. In a new interview with GQ (check out a pic from the photoshoot above), the Chicago native spoke on his yet-to-be-titled debut album, revealing that Frank Ocean, Andre 3000 and J. Cole all make appearances on it. 
  • Cover of Frank Ocean & Lil B Are Working On New Music Together
    Frank Ocean has been pretty reclusive over the past year. After releasing his debut album, Channel Orange, to both critical acclaim and Grammys (a weirdly rare feat to get both these days), he disappeared, deleting his Twitter account and rarely doing interviews.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Denied Legal Name Change
    Frank Ocean has taken a back seat when it comes to social media and all the drama it entails. He's also been low-key when it comes to music. Today the singer pops up in the news not because of any new music (although we hope that's on the way), but because he wants to legally change his name to Frank Ocean.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean's Dad Is Suing Russell Simmons For $142 Million
    Frank Ocean's father hasn't been a part of the R&B singer's life since he was five years old, but he feels his reputation as a father has been wrongly tarnished, and he's seeking $142 million in compensation.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Has Reportedly Fired His Publicist & Management
    Frank Ocean's sophomore album is reportedly slated for a late 2014 release, and the singer has decided to switch up his management and publicist leading up to the album's rollout.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Reportedly Tapped To Perform At Met Gala
    Last year's Met Gala was a memorable one, as you may recall Kanye West was the performer and he treated fans to then-unheard music off his latest album Yeezus. Since we learned recently that Frank Ocean is finally back in the studio and working on a new project, we can only hope the r'n'b singer acts accordingly.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Is Almost Done With New Album; May Skip Coachella To Complete It
     A few weeks ago, photographer, Nabil, posted a photo of Frank Ocean working in the studio, and reminded us that great music is soon upon us.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Spotted In Studio Working On Sophomore LP
    Frank Ocean has appeared in the news lately, although it hasn't had to do with new music from the singer. Rather, his name has been circulating because of a Chipotle lawsuit over a commercial track that Ocean never ended up doing, despite taking an advance for it. The r'n'b singer has since settled the matter.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Did Not Send Chipotle The "Fuck Off" Check After All
    Frank Ocean recently settled a lawsuit with Chipotle in a pretty badass way-- at least, we thought he did. The singer was paid a hefty sum to contribute some vocals to an ad campaign, but he never followed through.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Sued By Chipotle [Update: Ocean Cuts A Check, Writes "Fuck Off" On It]
    Chipotle may fill our stomachs, but they're looking to burn a hole right through Frank Ocean's pocket.
  • Cover of Crew Love: Odd Future
    OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All), more commonly referred to as Odd Future, made a huge splash in the rap world when they burst onto the scene in late 2009 with crew leader Tyler, the Creator's critically-acclaimed Bastard mixtape.
  • Cover of T-Pain Hates Homophobia In Rap, Mentions Frank Ocean & Macklemore
    In an interview with VladTV, T-Pain sat down and talked about the disparity between the emergence of "gay-friendly" acts in Hip-Hop, directly citing Frank Ocean and Macklemore, and his perception of Urban Music's reluctance to accomodate the LGBT community. Of this, T-Pain commented, saying:
  • Cover of Frank Ocean's Cousin Reportedly Suing Chris Brown Over Studio Brawl [Update: Lawsuit Is For $3M]
    The Frank Ocean and Chris Brown legal issues are not over just yet-- it seems like Brown can't escape any problem. While Frank posted an open letter on his Tumblr looking to forgive Breezy, Ocean's cousin doesn't feel the same way.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Says That He's Back To Work
    Frank Ocean has kind of disappeared for a minute, but it looks like he'll be back soon enough. The r'n'b singer, who no longer has Twitter, took to his Tumblr to share some thoughts while at the same time revealing he's back in the studio.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Countersuing Frank Ocean's Cousin Over Studio Fight
    The Chris Brown x Frank Ocean brawl aftermath seems to be never-ending. Although the fight happened last January, new developments concerning the fight are still coming in. Last we heard, Frank Ocean's cousin, Sha'Keir Duarte, was suing C Breezy for the injuries he sustained during the fight.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Says He Sold "A Lot Of Cocaine And Crack" In School
    Frank Ocean, being an r'n'b singer, doesn't exactly have the hardest reputation, although he did get into that scuffle with fellow singer Chris Brown. Nonetheless, Ocean doesn't portray himself as a gangster, although he reveals in a new interview with Oyster Magazine that he was a thug in school.
  • Cover of Tyler, The Creator & Frank Ocean Headline Odd Future Carnival [Update: Full Line-Up Revealed]
    For the second year in a row, Odd Future will be holding their OFWGKTA Carnival in L.A., and they have announced Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean as the headliners. 
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Mocks Chris Brown With "Domestic Violence" Shirt
    The Frank Ocean and Chris Brown beef continues. The feud began with a physical altercation at an L.A. studio, and has been perpetuated with some subliminal shots from Frank on both his unconventional "Versace" freestyle, and his verse on Earl Sweatshirt's "Sunday".
  • Cover of Review: Earl Sweatshirt's "Doris"
    Among Odd Future’s colorful cast, Earl Sweatshirt is almost reserved. Almost.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean's Appearance At OVO Fest Cancelled Due To Torn Vocal Chord
    As we reported last week, Frank Ocean had to cancel his Australian tour because of tear in his vocal chord. The effects will spill over onto Drake's OVO Fest, as LiveNation announced this morning that the night Ocean is performing has been cancelled.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Tears Vocal Cord, Cancels Australian Tour
    Guess we won't be hearing the audio version of Frank Ocean's "Versace" freestyle anytime soon. Frank's mini-tour in Australia got off to a rough start, with the singer experiencing throat problems while performing on opening night.
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Releases Lyrics To His Own "Versace" Remix On Tumblr
    It's almost safe to say that Migos' "Versace" track is up for song of the summer. The infectious hit has already been remixed by Drake, Meek Mill, Tyga, and many more. The latest to add to that list? How 'bout Frank Ocean, well sort of. 
  • Cover of Frank Ocean Posts Open Letter, Addresses "You're Not Dead" Tour
    Every so often we get an update on the life and times of Frank Ocean from the man himself, as is the case this weekend. This time around, the Grammy award winner speaks his mind from the road, in the midst of his ongoing "You're Not Dead" tour. 
  • Cover of Pharrell Comments On Different Personas Of Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Earl Sweatshirt
    Tyler, The Creator has definitely created a crazy persona for himself. Whether it's his raps, his style, or his tweets, Tyler knows how to get people riled up (including himself). It makes us wonder whether Tyler is that way 24/7, or whether he calms down when he's not in the public eye.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Being Investigated For Criminal Battery In Frank Ocean Fight
    The Chris Brown drama is never-ending. Even when you think a case is closed, apparently, it's not.
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