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  • Cover of Chris Brown Takes Shots At Drake On Young Jeezy's "RIP (Remix)" [Update: Chris Brown Talks About Diss]
    It was just yesterday morning that we reported on Chris Brown saying he wasn't going after Drake, and how he thought the two could co-exist, but as yesterday night rolled around Young Jeezy's remix to "RIP" dropped, featuring Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar and YG, which seemed to prove otherwise.O
  • Cover of Chris Brown Says He Will "Never See Eye To Eye" With Drake, Frank Ocean Played "Sympathy Role"
    Chris Brown just released his new single "Fine China" today. The song serves as the first single for his new album X, and was co-written with Eric Bellinger. As much as Chris attempts to put the focus on his music, his personal life often looms over his artistic output.
  • Cover of Eric Bellinger Talks Writing Chris Brown's "Fine China"
    Chris Brown is getting ready to unleash the first single from his new album X tomorrow.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Announces "Fine China" Release Date & Nicki Minaj Album Feature
     Looking to move on from his past indiscretions, Chris Brown is gearing up for the release of his sixth studio effort, titled X.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Discusses Co-Exisiting With Drake & Painting
    Chris Brown's recently been doing a run of interviews since the announcement of his new album, X. The r'n'b artist has been touching on a lot of topics, including all his beefs. In an interview with Big Boy on Power 106 in L.A.
  • Cover of Chris Brown “Eternally Grateful” Rihanna Forgave Him, Elaborates On Valet Incident
    Chris Brown just released the title of his new album. So now with a new project on the way you can expect him to be on his best behavior, taking the promotional apology tour in an attempt to win back America's hearts.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Announces New Album Title, Kendrick Lamar Collaboration
    Chris Brown is no stranger to the headlines, usually appearing for his antics and legal trouble rather than his music. Chris most recently popped up for throwing a temper tantrum on a valet in Los Angeles, and being subjected to the ongoing lawsuits from the W.i.P. nightclub brawl.
  • Cover of BTS Photos: Sean Kingston, Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa's "Beat It"
    Sean Kingston returned to the music scene a few weeks ago with the high-profile single "Beat It" featuring Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa, and now visuals for the track have been filmed. Intended as a summer single, the video (directed by Colin Tilley) was shot on the beach in Malibu, and a Lamborghini can be seen i
  • Cover of W.i.P. Club Owners Ask That Chris Brown And Drake Foot The Bill For Tony Parker's Lawsuit
    After Chris Brown and Drake's brawl at club W.i.P. in New York City last June, Spurs point guard Tony Parker was one of several people who claimed they were injured in the chaos, filing a $20 million lawsuit against the establishment soon after the incident.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Goes On Possessive Rant About How To Stop Women From Cheating
    Chris Brown's publicists may be doing their best to control their client's social media presence, but they can't stop him from running his mouth in public. The R&B star has already made headlines this week, when he decided to use some mean mug intimidation tactics on a valet who requested $10 for his service.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Says Valet Tried To Rip Him Off
    Chris Brown was in the news today for threatening and spazzing out on a valet at the PINZ bowling alley in Studio City last night.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Has Outburst Over Valet's $10 Service Charge [Update: New Footage Added]
    Once again, Chris Brown let his temper get the best of him, as he exploded on a valet last night in L.A.
  • Cover of Meek Mill & Chris Brown Squash Beef At Strip Club
    Many beefs and lawsuits have stemmed from the altercation at W.i.P. nightclub last June.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Says His "Deepest Regret" Is Night He Assaulted Rihanna
    Rihanna and Chris Brown have had a very public relationship, filled with extreme ups and downs. Since Brown's assault on Rihanna in 2009, things obviously cooled down between the two pop stars.
  • Cover of BTS Photos: 2 Chainz & Chris Brown Join Game For "Ali Bomaye" Video Shoot
    Earlier this month Game shot some visuals with Rick Ross for one of the big cuts off his Jesus Piece album “Ali Bomaye,” and on Monday the Compton rapper grabbed 2 Chainz and Chris Brown to shoot additional footage for the video. The track, which borrows its name from a chant made famous
  • Cover of Drake Turned Away From Club Because Chris Brown Was Inside
    By now the Drake and Chris Brown brawl at W.i.P. has been discussed ad nauseam, with Tony Parker using Breezy’s recent dust up with Frank Ocean as evidence in his case, and Drake and Brown even filing suits against each other.  A club in Hollywood had
  • Cover of Drake & Chris Brown Sue Each Other Over W.i.P. Nightclub Brawl
    It seems the lawsuits stemming from Chris Brown and Drake's brawl that took place at W.i.P. Nightclub are never ending.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Heckled By Man Claiming To Be Crip Outside Nightclub
    Chris Brown continues to be in the cross-fire, whether it's the media or the public who are going at the r'n'b singer.
  • Cover of Police Chief Involved in Chris Brown's Probation Resigns
    More news comes in about Chris Brown's probation fiasco.
  • Cover of Chris Brown's Car Totaled After Run-In With Paparazzi [Update: Paparazzi Deny Causing Accident]
    More bad news coming Chris Brown's way. The singer's latest scandal involves a car crash with the paparazzi, as TMZ reports.Chris Brown's car was totaled today after an alleged hit-and-run with the paparazzi, a representative for the celebrity says.
  • Cover of Tyga Reveals Next Single Featuring Chris Brown
    Tyga is busy prepping his upcoming album, Hotel California, for it's March release. He's already dropped a two songs to get fans hyped for the LP, including the club-appropriate "Molly" joint.
  • Cover of Chris Brown Was In Court Facing Claims He Violated Parole
    Chris Brown is the latest celebrity to have past infractions used against him once his name is in the press for a fight with another artist.  The L.A. District Attorney recently alleged that Brown did not actually complete his community service,
  • Cover of Chris Brown & Lawyer Respond To D.A.'s Recent Accusations [Update: Chris Brown Rant Reportedly Fake]
    Chris Brown, consistently in the news for legal trouble, has some more coming in his way as we reported yesterday. Apparently Breezy is being accused of falsifying or not completing his community service, and as well as calling Frank Ocean a "faggot" in their recent brawl.
  • Cover of D.A. Alleges Chris Brown Did Not Complete Community Service, Frank Ocean Called Homophobic "F-Word"
    More details and twists continue to emerge from the altercation between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown outside a recording studio in L.A.  Recently, Ocean’s manager, who was present for the incident said Brown was trying to “beat the shit out of” Ocean.  Now TMZ has taken a look at the
  • Cover of Tony Parker Cites Chris Brown's Frank Ocean Brawl As New Evidence For W.i.P Nightclub Lawsuit
    In the wake of Chris Brown's altercation with Frank Ocean, Tony Parker is opening up dialogue once again for his lawsuit with W.i.P.
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