Chris Brown Reveals Plans To Release A Single This Summer

Chris Brown told his Instagram followers to expect a new single this summer.

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Lovers & Friends Music Festival

R&B singer Chris Brown posted an Instagram story this week, claiming he plans to release a new single this summer. He wrote, "If yall thought I wasn't going to release a single for the summer .... Think again." Though no new music has been confirmed, the artist assures fans that they can look forward to adding his single to their summer playlists.

The single would follow Brown's collaboration with Chlöe Bailey, "How Does It Feel." Released in February of this year, the single came ahead of Bailey's debut album. The collab also sparked some debate among social media users, who had a problem with Bailey's decision to work with Brown. Brown is known to be a controversial figure, based on allegations that he was abusive towards several women in the past.

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Chris Brown Tells Fans To "Think Again"

Chris Brown recently performed at Usher's Lovers & Friends music festival after reports surfaced that the two had gotten into a fight at the artist's birthday party. Chris Brown and his crew allegedly jumped the musician. Despite claims that Usher was injured from the incident, he performed at his music festival shortly after and appeared unharmed. The alleged incident is said to have surrounded disrespect targeted at Teyana Taylor. Actress Lisa Raye later defended Brown, saying in an interview, “Why he gotta chill? Why he gotta chill?” She added, “What if he felt just like what he said? ‘F her.’ What if he felt like that? What I don’t like about it is that every time his name is brought up, that he always gets automatically blamed. Because, ‘He is that way.’ We know him to be that, so it gotta be him.”

Brown also went on to engage in a verbal altercation backstage at the festival, over accusations that he attacked Usher. He later downplayed the incident on Instagram, saying, “Yall been geeked all weekend, y’all dragging it now.” The singer then added, “It was mad people backstage and security was trying to clear everyone off the stage. People started pushing back.. I INTERVENED To let them know MY CHILD WAS BACK THERE. So y’all can keep ya narrative.”

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