Chlöe & Chris Brown's Upcoming Collab Cause Fans To Clash

The internet lit up with critics who brought up Chris's past, and people quickly began arguing online.

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Another Chlöe track is on the horizon, but her collaborator has caused quite the conversation. Chris Brown is one of the most celebrated Pop and R&B artists on the scene, but his scandals haunt him. Regardless of his hits, classics, global tours, and influence—Brown can't dodge his years-long allegations of physical abuse against his girlfriends.

This week, Chlöe teased that her next single will arrive on February 24. Breezy also appears in the sultry image and the caption, as Chlöe tagged her collaborator. Initially, the announcement was met with mixed reactions. Many were excited to see these two sing their way into our playlists, while others have been unforgiving.

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Some social media users opted to create memes, while others engaged in a debate. Chlöe and Brown's fans also swiftly came to their defenses. Their talents were further highlighted, and some argued people should move on from the past. It was also mentioned that Brown teamed with several men in the industry who haven't received the same pushback. His joint album with Young Thug, Slime & B, was a hit, but Thugger wasn't attacked for linking with Brown. Additionally, he toured with Lil Baby, and the Atlanta rapper wasn't challenged.

Moreover, Chris was recently asked about his potential participation in a Super Bowl halftime show. Following Rihanna's epic appearance, fans were quick with questions about Brown revisiting his hits for the NFL stage. He, however, dismissed the possibility. According to the singer, the U.S. media doesn't support him, so he would rather go where he's respected.

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His sentiments were fueled due to the controversy surrounding his appearance at the American Music Awards. It was further reported that Brown and Ciara were all set for a massive tribute to Michael Jackson. They both shared clips of their rehearsals, and fans were disappointed it didn't come to fruition. Speculation swirled about why the purported tribute was axed, but many believe that Brown's reputation among some elite circles still isn't mended. Check out a few reactions below.

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