Chris Brown Defended By Lisa Raye In Usher Drama

The actress spoke out on behalf of the troubled singer.

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Recently, it was reported that Chris Brown’s 34th birthday party ended on a violent note. Rumors swirled that he and his crew jumped Usher at the event. This development was surprising, given that the two R&B singers have a close relationship. While the story remains unconfirmed and is mostly based on hearsay and conjecture, reports have flooded in from all angles. Although some individuals may need to see video evidence to believe it, most are curious to know what happened. Though there is no video of the physical altercation, a video did later emerge of an argument between the two. According to these accounts, it was not a personal grudge but a matter of defending a victim of Brown’s behavior.

Usher threw a skate party for Brown’s birthday, with guests including Mario, Bow Wow, and many others. However, things reportedly took a turn for the worse as Brown allegedly got increasingly intoxicated. He was said to have been disrespectful to Teyana Taylor, approaching her in a drunken state. It’s unclear what exactly he said or did. Multiple individuals are believed to have joined the argument, leading to the alleged altercation. Now, Chris Brown has a new defender in Lisa Raye.

Lisa Raye: Why [Brown] Gotta Chill?

Lisa Raye spoke out in Brown's defense on Fox Souls' Cocktails With Queens. In the roundtable-style interview, Raye says that the public treats the singer unfairly based on his past. However, she points out that having a past doesn't mean everything is automatically your fault. “Why he gotta chill? Why he gotta chill?” Raye asked. “What if he felt just like what he said? ‘F her.’ What if he felt like that? What I don’t like about it is that every time his name is brought up, that he always gets automatically blamed. Because, ‘He is that way.’ We know him to be that, so it gotta be him.”

Raye went on to compare her past to Brown's, giving some insight as to why she feels that he is treated unfairly. "That’s what I don’t like when people have that kind of stigma – because I got that. It’s quick for you to think that, ‘Oh Lisa Raye would have done that,' or, 'Lisa Raye said that," said the actress. "And I don’t like that because that very next time, it could have been very different. But you blame me because of my past.” What do you think of Lisa Raye's defense of Chris Brown? Do you think that the public treats him unfairly? Let us know in the comments!

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