Today has been absolutely loaded in terms of new music. With a couple of major releases from Pusha T and A$AP Rocky, Zaytoven's debut album Trap Holizay has not gotten lost in the shuffle. It's insane to think that a legendary producer that is often attributed with the popularization of trap beats had not yet come through with an official debut album until today but, as always, Zay impressed with the project. With a stellar tracklist full of all-star features, Trap Holizay gives insight into how Zaytoven and Gucci Mane came up together. Among the star-studded lineup, Lil Uzi Vert appears near the end of the work with "Strong," putting forth one of his better performances of the year.

The way Zay explains things, though, he seems to have come across Uzi's talent by accident. With Zaytoven's son listening to all of the new school rappers, the Atlanta producer came up with a ploy to impress his kid and come off looking "cool," and his strategy was to collaborate with Uzi Vert. He notes, "Uzi was a special song for me for the project 'cause I mainly was doing this music to impress my son. You know, my son is 12 so they listen to all the new young guys." You may recall Zay's son also begging his dad to work with Lil Pump, resulting in his production on "Designer."

Speaking on his studio process and how he gets the best out of all the rappers on his album, Zay opened up exclusively with HNHH and you can watch the full interview below.