As per usual, nothing gets past Twitter. It isn't easy to come back from saying the wrong thing on that platform, as Yung Miami, may have just discovered. Following JT's recent Twitter slip-up, it looks like both City Girls are going to have to double-down to get back in their fans' good graces.

After Yung Miami made an arguably thoughtless joke about women who have never been pregnant, outraged fans lit up her mentions, voicing their disappointment in her lapse of judgement. The City Girls rapper and mother of two tweeted: "If you never been pregnant that p*ssy garbage!!!!," followed by, "I got pregnant p*ssy period," and "Before y’all start crying I’m just talking sh*t! Lol."

Naturally, this was not well-received by most women — more specifically, people who thought the joke was brutally insensitive to those who struggle with fertility issues.

Yung Miami inevitably caught wind of the backlash and clarified that the joke was meant lightheartedly and apologized for her misstep. "The pregnant joke was a hood joke my bad y'all, y'all right I'm slow," she wrote. As the hate continued to pile regardless of her apology, she tweeted again, expressing her frustration. "Every time I tweet I'm offending somebody I'm done with Twitter!"