Jatavia "JT" Johnson of City Girls may be deeply regretting some old tweets she published. The "Jobs" rapper deleted her verified Twitter account over the weekend, in a likely attempt to avoid overwhelming backlash. Unfortunately, the highly controversial tweets have been making their rounds online regardless.

As you may already know, once you put something online, it's there forever. JT is finding out the hard way, as a few of her arguably alarming old tweets from 2015-2017 catch up with her. After deleting her account, she took to her Instagram story to explain her decision and unveil her new Twitter account. "Nah all jokes aside stop searching them tweets cause I don’t feel like slapping a b*tch back into the same year I was talking about them in!," she wrote. Additionally, she shared a photo of herself holding a large purse, with the caption: "All my old tweets in that purse."

The rapper's first tweets on her new account were not for the faint of heart. "This my new Twitter!! Who ima talk about on here? Hmmmmmmmm," she wrote. "Let me get my sh*t verified so y’all can know I mean it when I say F*CK YALL B*TCHES! I made it new page to tweet problematic again I’m problematic suck out my a** with a Kapri sun straw." She also made sure to apologize if her previously rediscovered tweets offended anyone.