Florida rapper YNW Melly might be facing the death penalty for his alleged role in murdering his two friends but he's in relatively good spirits. He's seemingly convinced that both he and his accomplice, YNW Bortlen, will be coming home soon. He's reiterated that fact on several occasions. Yesterday, he was in court for a regular hearing and he could be seen smiling and laughing with his attorneys, having a good time as he awaits his trial. Following the hearing, he must have told his manager to get in touch with one of his favourite artists because, curiously, a comment from Melly's account appeared on one of Chris Brown's posts asking for a collaboration.

As he continues to promote his chart-topping album Indigo, Breezy has just been approached by YNW Melly for a possible collaboration whenever/ if ever he gets out of prison. The rapper commented on one of Brown's posts, crossing his fingers that he would be down to record some vocals. "Let's do a song," wrote Melvin, adding a snake emoji with a heart. 

Both YNW Melly and Chris Brown have had very controversial careers. When it comes to Melly, the rapper was on the brink of superstardom before turning himself in for double murder. Chris Brown's issues stem from his altercation with Rihanna years ago, which is still fresh on people's minds. Would you like to see a song between YNW Melly and Chris Brown?