This weekend was pretty wild. In Atlanta, Trouble and YFN Lucci hosted a massive pool party that looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, those who were in attendance have been singled out and people like Alexis Skyy and Reginae Carter are being dragged online because of it. The reason people are pissed off is because the get-together was Cucumber Challenge themed. In case you've been sleeping, the Cucumber Challenge is an ultra-sexual trend where women head to the nearest produce section and engage in fellatio with a cucumber. It can get pretty graphic, as seen this weekend when Alexis Skyy actually penetrated a porn star with the vegetable before going to town on it herself. Well, now one of the women involved is speaking out about the party and she wants YFN Lucci to give her a call after seeing how Reginae Carter responded.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

A few days ago, Lil Wayne's daughter issued a public statement about the Cucumber Challenge festivities, telling her fans that she was only there to spy on her ex-boyfriend Lucci. After breaking up with her man, Reginae has remained on the defense as fans continue trashing her. Now, one clout chaser is already shooting her shot at Big Lucc. "Somebody tell Lucci I said wassup," said the woman, recording a video in her bathrobe. "Tell him to come holla at a real bitch. You know, who gon' run them threesomes like a real bitch should. If you don't want your n***a looking at the next bitch then you better join in. Hop on that train baby girl. Lucci come holla at me real quick."

I don't know about you but I'm pretty excited for all this Cucumber Challenge stuff to fade away.