We likely won't be seeing much of YFN Lucci and Reginae Carter together in the future because, after Trouble's insane Cucumber Party in Atlanta this weekend, the two have reportedly called it quits. They were going through a rough patch to begin with but after Nae explained that she showed up to the party to "spy" on her boyfriend, that appeared to be the final straw in their relationship. Fans of Carter were surprised to even notice her in the crowd at the pool festivities, especially considering she had previously disavowed the cucumber challenge, labelling it "degrading." Yesterday, she gave her side of the story but that seemingly wasn't enough for the internet because the socialite is getting dragged.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

While one of the major talking points coming out of this party was the video of Alexis Skyy going to town on a phallic-shaped vegetable after penetrating a porn star with said item, Reginae's presence at the party was another interesting point that people took note of. After her tweets detailing her reasoning, people still aren't quite satisfied with the situation, going after Reginae and suggesting ways she could have handled this better. 

For starters, people don't believe that YFN Lucci is worth spying on, which is pretty disrespectful toward the successful rapper but that's how people are feeling, so... Additionally, not many are actually buying Carter's excuse. They think that she was there for fun and is just trying to cover things up to protect her brand. Do you think she's telling the truth?