Both Alexis Skyy and Reginae Carter have been hot topics for the last two days because of a party that took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Trouble hosted a pool party for his friends and both ladies showed up to have a good time. Many were confused to see Lil Wayne's daughter in attendance, especially after she swore away from the Cucumber Challenge by calling it "degrading." At the end of the day, this was a cucumber-themed party so she should have known what to expect. Alexis Skyy was caught on video penetrating a woman with the vegetable before sticking it in her own mouth and Reginae was forced to address her attendance on social media, claiming that she was spying on her ex-boyfriend YFN Lucci. Trouble has now officially provided his own statement regarding the controversial party, noting that people are seriously overreacting.

"Yall deep deep in ya feelings Bout what these grown women doin with cucumbers I see... Yall hoes an ho azz n***az who hatin would FAINT if you seen the footage of what yo mama was doin freak nik days and memorial weekend in miami in 98 99," wrote the rapper. He went on to continue bringing up situations that people would be ashamed to witness on video, naming far worse moments than a cucumber-themed party.

His response comes after Alexis Skyy, his new girlfriend, got clowned online for the video of herself and the porn star. She was also allegedly involved in a fight but she has denied that.