YBN Nahmir may be taking a back seat to YBN Cordae at the moment with his Lost Boy project, but that doesn’t mean he ain't doing shit these days. In the comment section of a recent IG post, one particular fan decided to come for Nahmir, saying he “fell off,” but Nahmir wasn’t having it.

The Alabama rapper clapped back at the fan on IG, asking the fan “how he fell off” and calling him out for “just talking”.

“Nahmir fell off, I would say the same about Jay but he was never on,” the fan wrote. Naymir then responded… “Honestly bitch, tell me how? How did I fall off? I be chilling, when I want to turn the fuck up I can. They talk about us everywhere n*gga. You’re literally just talking right now.”


In case you missed it, YBN Nahmir is coming off the release of a new Summer single called “Fuck It Up” featuring Tyga & City Girls, which you can listen to right here if you haven't done so already. Be sure to revisit The Lost Boy tape while you're at it as well.