Yo Gotti's love for Angela Simmons is no secret by any means. The rapper has been shooting his shot for some time now, hoping to slowly chip away at her resolve. However, Gotti found him another queen to settle down with. He started dating  Yaya, who famously datedFloyd Mayweather and Gervonta Davis prior to him. The relationship sparked some unwanted attention at first, although (as with most things) people warmed up to the idea over time. 

Nobody has forgotten about Gotti's love for Simmons, but one person on social media decided to bring up the situation in the wrong place. Yaya posted a picture of herself and Gotti, looking regal as ever. "Happy New Year 2020. I'm looking forward to this year and many more with you," wrote Yaya on the post. "I thought he had a crush on Angela," wrote one random hater on the picture. Yaya had time for a response, because she snapped back with "NOT NO MOE!!!" 

 It was a good holiday season for Yo Gotti, who bought himself a new Rolls Royce the holidays. On top of losing 40lbs and dropping new music, it looks like Gotti is overall having a good year in the midst of the madness.