During quarantine, it feels like a bunch of celebrities took the time to work on themselves and get right for the summer. While there won't be as much fun as we had anticipated before the pandemic hit, all the extra time made for drastic lifestyle changes. Some people piled on the snacks and gained a few pounds but others, like Yo Gotti, dropped an insane amount of weight so that they could look as good as they ever have.

At 39-years-old, Yo Gotti celebrated his success in the music industry by copping himself $1.3 million in new cars. That's not that big of a bill for him though, considering he's claiming to have recently made $40 million. 40 seems to be the magic number for the rapper, who is closing in on that age. According to him, he also lost 40 pounds.

His transformation is clearer than ever in a new picture uploaded to his social media pages. The Memphis star showed off his abs, which are now more prominent than they have been in recent years. Clearly, Yo has been hitting the (home) gym in addition to keeping his diet strict.

Congratulations to Yo Gotti on getting his health straight. That's always something to celebrate.

Much like Yo, Mustard also showed off his stunning weight loss. You can see pictures of his progress here.