At this point, Sela Vave is probably a name that rings a bell and that's exactly what Jamie Foxx had hoped for. The singer is Jamie's new protege who he's publicly denied dating after the duo was spotted holding hands as they headed out of a party in Los Angeles together. As the Django Unchained actor stated himself, he's taken Sela under his wing to launch her singing career and has even called her the next Beyonce.

Sela, who has yet to release a full offering of music, has moved in with Jamie in his Los Angeles home but it's all for work purposes, the same way Jamie allowed Nick Cannon and Ed Sheeran to crash at his place before their mega success. “I spoke to that girl’s mom and she put her trust in me,” Jamie said of the situation. “We don’t ever cross lines like that, personal. I wanted to let you know, for all who were scandal chasing, that’s our artist, that’s our family … We are working.” 

While Jamie continues to introduce Sale to his crew of successful producers and musician friends, we've taken it upon ourselves to do a deep dive, if you will, to get more information on Sela and all that she is and about to be. 

She's From Utah

Sela only moved to Los Angeles this year since Jamie saw her potential and spoke with her mother who later helped Sela pack her bags and hit the the road to the City of Angels. Before her move to Hollywood, she was a Utah native who played basketball in high school at Providence Hall High School in Herriman, Utah. "Hi, I'm SelaV (C'est La Vie) I am a professional model and actor. Music is life and I love sports," her Facebook account reads.

She Started Her Career As A Model

Before the music thing kicked in, Sela grew her comfortability in front of the camera as a model that was once signed to Salt Lake City’s Talent Management Group, Inc. She's even been featured in advertisements for Hi-Chew and as seen below, Yoplait Yogurt.

She Has One Single Out

Considering the amount of hype surrounding Sela and her singing abilities, it's safe to say that we're all waiting to hear her voice that's said to be so amazing. After some digging, we've come across a single that she put out almost a year ago called "All The Time." Her vocals are indeed quite nice, leading us to believe that with Jamie's direction she really could be something. 


She's Co-Signed By Snoop Dogg 

Not sure where the connection lies, but back in April Sela and Snoop Dogg linked up and their chemistry was that of old-time pals. In the clip below, you can see Snoop co-singing Sela and predicting that she's going to be a star. "So I'm just here with my favorite Uncle," she said, where Snoop responded with: "Yes, and you're coming to LA soon so you can blow up and show up."

She's Recording Music In The Same Studio As Ed Sheeran & Chris Brown

Living with Jamie Foxx means Sela gets to use his pimped out studio that has recorded works for the likes of Chris Brown and Ed Sheeran. The Utah born act is working on her debut album as we type this and a recent video uploaded to her Instagram sees her showing a brief snippet for her fans. After she plays a teaser track, Sela explains how she has "no words" for what's happening in her life and expresses her love she has for Jamie since he's made her dreams a reality.