Wendy Williams has been doing the media rounds having previously hit up The View to chat with her "girlfriends" about her life after her break from her cheating husband. The 55-year-old made it very clear during her visit that she's "a wife, not a girlfriend," and she's looking to "be pampered" not change pampers. 

The talk show host has now hit up another live talk show, Watch What Happens Live, to chat with Andy Cohen and respond to live questions from fans. Of course, the subject of who she's dating came up when a fan asked Wendy if she was still dating that doctor who she was seemingly head over heels for. “I see many men,” she responded, adding her age requirements. “The youngest would be, like, 48. The oldest would be 65.”

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Wendy previously explained the importance of sticking by her son when she filed for divorce from Kevin Hunter and how she couldn't leave the house no matter how much she wanted to. 

"A lot of times your girlfriends are the ones that are like 'come over here I got a second bedroom, stay here' [..] but I'm like 'no.' That would have been selfish to my son, he's an only child," she said. "You don't have somebody to talk back and forth with when mom and dad are going through things."