We're all well aware of the drama that has unfolded in Wendy Williams life when her estranged husband cheated on her (again), got his mistress pregnant leading Wendy to file for divorce and fire him from his executive producer position from her self-titled talk show. Wendy has been pretty open about her life since the drama and has previously admitted that she will never talk down about Kevin Hunter in public even though his infidelity lead her to a sober living home. 

Wendy was a recent guest on The View, where she sat with her "girlfriends" to open up even more about her current life and how she's "not changing pampers" since she wants to "be pampered." The 55-year-old further explained how her son was holding up, Kevin Jr., and how she made sure she was home to be by her son's side despite the upheaval in her marriage. 

"A lot of times your girlfriends are the ones that are like 'come over here I got a second bedroom, stay here' [..] but I'm like 'no.' That would have been selfish to my son, he's an only child, she explained. "You don't have somebody to talk back and forth with when mom and dad are going through things."


In another clip of her visit to the show, Wendy talked about her dating life and whether she's open to getting married again. "I am a wife, not a girlfriend," Wendy responded to the question. She made it clear that her dance card "is full" which we assume means she's gone on numerous of dates since she's been single.  

Now that her son is living in Miami attending school and Wendy's in Manhanttan about to begin the 11th season of her show, she's bound to come across someone in her day-to-day life that grabs her attention.