Wendy Williams' recent visit to Sway In The Morning has revealed a lot about how the talk show host is feeling and what she's thinking as of late amid her divorce to her cheating husband Kevin Hunter. The 55-year-old revealed that she has no prenup with Kevin and how she wishes him well with his new life and new family. The topic of conversation shifted to Wendy being a single woman and her expectations when it comes to dating. 

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

According to Wendy, she wants a man that's "a man," someone who will pay for dinner, and a man who's circumcised. Wendy explained how she'll ask someone she's dating early in the game if he's been cut to decipher whether she wants to continue hanging out. Wendy even shared some tips on how it's important for boss women to keep their power at the office.

“There’s so many power girls out here these days…and a lot of them do not know how to keep that attitude of power back at the office," she said. "Like a man likes a woman to be a woman, in my opinion. They don’t always have to be reminded that you’re the CEO of whatever, whatever. Except when you have to pull that out every once in a while.”

Watch the full interview below.