Tyga's reputation for evasiveness precedes him. Surely, you've noticed the sheer magnitude of bust-ups which have occurred between Tyga and numerous promoters, financiers, and folks of that order - of which a litigation battle 4-years old, keeps on resurfacing between Z Entertainment and the defendant-rapper. 

In August of 2015, the claimant, representing said promotion company, was demanding a hefty sum of $100k because Tyga had allegedly violated an embargo written into a contract (they'd signed). By the end of the session, the judge presiding over the case, agreed in principle, with Z Entertainment's allegations against Tyga, but not their initial asking price, whittling it down to a mere $65k.

Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

As of this writing, Tyga has yet to comply with the edict or pay the $65k sum. He also never bothered to show up for the court summon, but that's a story for another time. Some 4 years later, Z Entertainment is still seeking the monetary sum and has taken to TMZ to gain some leverage over the frostbitten rapper.

In speaking with TMZ,  a rep for Z Entertainment referred to Tyga as a "quasi-famous rapper." They also faxed the media outlet an updated court ledger, illustrating the 14 concurrent lawsuits, Tyga currently faces, including their own (pending his payment). As TMZ pointed out, Tyga is being chased by a whole slew of creditors, ranging from car dealers/renters to promotional entities such as Z Entertainment.