As with any other high-profile celebrity break-up, fans of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are flocking to their individual comment boxes to state their displeasure with each member of the former romantic union. La Flame and his Kardashian-Jenner girlfriend were together for two years, serving as "relationship goals" for a number of young men and women who saw them together in the spotlight. Some things just don't end up working though. While they may eventually rekindle the spark, the two are going in separate directions right now, reportedly establishing a 50/50 custody plan for their 1-year-old daughter Stormi Webster. In the moments directly following reports of his break-up with Jenner, Travis Scott updated his social pages with a new photo, cryptically showing a futuristic depiction of himself surrounded by neon lights.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The artwork may just be a continuation of his "Highest In The Room" promo, which is his next single dropping at the end of the week. Some fans are speculating that even more new sounds could be on the way too, pointing to this image as a possible hint. If we're being completely honest though, La Flame probably just thought he looked cool and decided to share it with the world. Not everything deserves a ton of thought and, in this instance, everyone are probably overreacting.

Fans of the former couple are rushing to Trav's comments to urge him to reconcile with Kylie. They do not know the whole story though. Right now, only Kylie and Travis know what's truly going on.