In a move that proves that he's a real friend, Travis Barker recently made the trip to Fort Stockton prison to catch up with 03 Greedo. The drummer was in the Lone Star State because he was performing in El Paso with Blink 182, but Barker promised Greedo that whenever he was in Texas, no matter where he was, he'd make the trip to visit him.

According to TMZ, Barker was 250 miles away from El Paso when Blink singer Mark Hoppus tweeted that they were being confined to their hotel. "We are locked down in our hotel in el paso," he wrote. "Over the intercom system they just announced that there are reports of another active shooter directly across the street at a location different from the first shootings."

He added, "We were leaving breakfast when our security texted that there was an active shooter at the mall we were headed to. saw dozens of police cars on the freeway and surface streets. helicopters. we got back to the hotel and turned on the news to see what was happening. then the intercom said there are reports of another shooting across the street at the bassett place mall. i don’t see or hear police or helicopters so hopefully it’s just an over abundance of caution and someone got the malls confused. so terrible."

Hoppus later wrote that there wasn't an incident at the mall, but out of respect for the 22 people who were murdered at a nearby Walmart, Blink canceled their show. Barker wasn't even aware of any shootings or incidents because he was on the inside with Greedo who is currently serving out a 20-year sentence for drug trafficking and gun possession charges. Although Greedo has been locked up since last year, the friends recently released their collaborative project Meet The Drummers