He promised that he would hop on Instagram Live, and Tory Lanez did not disappoint. After teasing the return of Quarantine Radio, Lanez has resurfaced on the Gram, sharing more from the mysterious July shooting incident that led to a strained relationship with Megan Thee Stallion. Lanez suggests once again the Houston Hottie isn't being truthful about her account and even said that he still views her as a friend until this day.

"When this whole debacle or whatever you call it came about, she knows what happened, I know what happened, and we know that what you're saying and what the alleged things and the alleged accusations of my name is are not true," said Lanez. "It's falsified information. It's false information and it's not accurate information. I don't ever want to come off like I'm here to bash this girl or I'm here to talk down about this girl or ever be at a place where I'm disrespecting her because to me as a person, she's still my friend. No matter what, even if she doesn't look at me like that, I look at her like she's still my friend."

Tory Lanez added that whenever he and Megan Thee Stallion were "together or around each other," they only had good times. "I'm not gonna sit here and bash her, but at the same time, it comes to a standpoint as me as a person, where it's like, yo, do y'all want me to just sit here and just allow my name to be assassinated, my character to be assassinated, everything that I worked for to get here to just be assassinated for something I did not do?"

The Toronto artist also spoke about Megan saying she didn't initially tell authorities that Tory allegedly shot her because she wanted to protect him, especially while surrounded by police. Tory claimed that while the police were questioning him, Megan's friend Kelsey Nicole, and Quan, the rapper was "in a stretcher. No one would shoot you in a stretcher. You had plenty of time to tell the cops that you were in danger." He added that he wouldn't protect someone who "just heinously shot me."

The response to Tory's Live was heavy, and while Megan Thee Stallion didn't specifically name Lanez in a tweet, afterward the Houston rapper wrote, "This N*gga genuinely crazy." Check out a clip of Tory's explanation as well as a few social media responses below.